-This Case Came to The clinic Suffering from Pain and Bad Esthetics on Frontal Teeth ( suffering from psychological trauma couldn’t laugh 😆 and talk freely .
•After examination. We made Caries removal as shown on the underlying Photo and root Canal Theatement .
• our teeth become weak and able to fracture So The most important step after root Canal
Treatement is fixed Prosthesis [Crowns].
•Some Patients show Their apprehension Toward Those Prosthesis Believing of That it may appears fake and doesn’t match with The Natural Teeth So we overCome This Problem in Shine N white by selection The Same Color of The.
Teeth regardless The Type of Prosthesis. The Patient Selected on This Case we use porcelain fuse to metal Crowns and However They appear. good and Matching with patient teeth So Always remember that fixed prosthesis have to be done Directly after R.C.T .
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